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Decorative Artificial 3 Sizes Pineapples


The pineapple is a tropical plant and the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family.

Pineapples are consumed fresh, cooked, juiced, and preserved, and are found in a wide array of cuisines. In addition to consumption, in the Philippines the pineapple's leaves are used to produce the textile fiber piña - employed as a component of wall paper and furnishings, amongst other uses.

Most realistic pineapples for home decoration or shop display. If you are staging a play or exhibition then this artificial small brown coconut will not deteriorate under lights like the real items.

Size : Bright realistic 3 sizes.

Large Size : 34 cm circumference, 17 cm fruit long and 29 cm overall height.
Price : £14.95 (out of stock)
Medium Size : 30.5 cm circumference, 15 cm fruit long and 27 cm overall height.
Price : £7.75
Small Size : 28 cm circumference, 10 cm fruit long and 18 cm overall height.
Price : £4.95 (out of stock)
Item No. : F71  
Artificial Pineapple